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Don’t just dump out your used oil—convert it into a clean and reliable heating source! Here at Watts Steam Store, we are proud to carry the premiere brand of used oil recycling machinery, Clean Burn, so you can put all that oil to good use. These advanced furnace units are known as the highest quality and longest lasting conversion machines in the industry, allowing you to have greater energy efficiency and savings.

Our selection of waste oil furnaces will bring your company into the modern era. Each and every gallon of oil that you use is potential energy, and lots of safe, natural heat for your facility. You can slash your energy bill and stop wasting time and money hauling away oil waste, thanks to our Clean Burn furnace systems. These innovative oil recycling machines are designed to run on several different types of waste oil from trucks, cars, and industrial equipment, providing endless opportunities for efficiency and cost reduction. Plus, with our wide selection of different furnace sizes and BTU outputs, you’re sure to find the perfect waste oil heater for your needs.

All of these used oil furnace units are designed to provide reliable heat from waste oil while meeting EPA regulations, so you can rest well knowing you are reducing your waste and heating your facility safely. Take a look around at our Clean Burn waste oil furnaces and get in touch with us today if you have questions about which unit is right for you!

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