Infrared Heaters

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Heating for your facility can be both expensive and inefficient, but not any more, thanks to our selection of infrared heater units from VAL6. These portable units create more heat with less fuel, and can get up to peak efficiency quickly, so you can get to work without hassle. Thanks to the innovative technology in these infrared heating units, you can enjoy consistent and comfortable temperatures for your shop, warehouse, or job site.

Infrared heat works differently than forced air heat, providing safe and consistent heating that is not lost to wind or cold air. The radiant heat penetrates deeply and evenly, no matter the surface, just like real sunlight, and you can easily take your portable heating unit outside without losing efficiency. Our lineup of infrared heaters at Watts Steam Store features rugged design and straightforward warmth, without creating wind or dust. Plus, these portable heaters burn clean fuel with no odor or smoke, and can be used for drying applications as well.

When you’re hard at work, you don’t want to worry about heating, and these portable heaters from VAL6 will get the job done. Whether you’re in construction or manufacturing, you deserve safe, reliable heat, so don’t settle for a conventional forced air system. Choose a powerful infrared portable heating unit that is energy efficient, from a top brand in the industry. Take a look 

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