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VAL6 Infrared Heater Series, 118,000 BTU/Hour Model KBE5L 2-Step

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    VAL6 Infrared Heater Series, 118,000 BTU/Hour Model KBE5L 2-Step

    VAL6 KBE5L 2-Step - the KBE5L has two stage heat output and equips a larger tank enabling it to operate continuously fora bout 16 hours in high and 20 hours in low.

    VAL6 is the most fuel efficient space heater on the market.

    The VAL6 can start up or shut off in seconds and reaches peak efficiency in less than a minute. Since the VAL6 doesn't lose heat to the air, it uses less fuel and BTU's to go way beyond the comfort level of any standard portable heater.

    Sunlight Warmth - VAL6's radiant heat penetrates evenly on and into surfaces just like sunlight.

    Best Choice for Outdoors - VAL6's performance is unique in the outdoors and unlike forced air heaters, which lose heat from wind and cold air.

    No Air Movement / Dust Free - VAL6 generates straightforward infrared heat which is unaffected by air flow, thus creating a comfortable and dust free environment.

    Odorless - VAL6's perfect combustion system produces no odor and no smoke while running. The exhaust gas goes upward.

    Straight Heating / Drying - The advantage of spot heating is that only needed areas are heated. (i.e. in large warehouses, open sheds and even outdoors etc.) Radiant heat travels in straight lines and does not rise to the ceiling like hot air.

    Application Examples:

    • Heating in a large warehouse
    • Warms up machines and personnel
    • Winter construction: Heats up materials, machines, and working sites
    • Drying surfaces
    • Personal heating
    Part Number: JT-KBE5L External Dimension: 36.3" H x 28" W x 29.2" D
    High Setting: 118,000 BTU/Hour Continuous Operating Time
    Low Setting: 100,000 BTU/Hour High: 15 Hours
    Tank Capacity: 15.1 Gallons Low: 20 Hours
    Fuel Consumption Power Consumption (W)
    High Setting: 0.90 Gallons Hour 150 W in ignition
    Low Setting: 0.75 Gallons Hour 120 W High in Operation
    Dry Weight: 92.6 Pounds 120 W Low in Operation

    Fuel: Diesel or Kerosene; Power Source: 120V, 60Hz, Single Phase; Safety Device: Photocell flame monitor, 3A Fuse, Tip over switch

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    Contact a sales associate Toll Free at 1-800-488-6215 for information on VAL6 Infrared Heater Models

    Listing is for informational Purposes Only. Unit Price is Not $0. Please Call For Actual Priceand availabilityof VAL6 Infrared Heater Series.


    VAL6 Infrared Heater Series, 118,000 BTU/Hour Model KBE5L 2-Step


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